Every now and again I will try and post a list of articles and blogs I am reading. I can’t promise some of them will not be about the Giants beating the Nats, or the Dodgers losing to the Cards, and how right the world is now that that happened….

Donna Ballman’s great series on “States That Don’t Suck for Employees” — Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Steve Pearl’s excellent employment law updates over at The California Employment Law Blog

A harrowing and not at all surprising collection of anecdotes about the perils of working amidst the Startup goldrush — Slate

A fascinating article analyzing disturbing trends in public education “philanthropy”; this is one of those articles that puts all the random thoughts I have had in my head over the past 2 or 3 years on this subject into words — Politico

Bryce Covert’s report on a survey that shows–surprise!–rich men take more vacations than you — Think Progress

Bryce Covert strikes again–this time with a report on rampant sexual harassment in the restaurant industry (something I am all too familiar with) — Think Progress